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Paytm KYC Projects

Fixed and Additional Variable Payout on Per successfully KYC Registration & Other Variable Jobs based on nature of the project. (Only Biometric KYC allowed to Partner). We are sharing the details below where we are looking for a partner or vendor for PAN India level.India’s largest mobile payment and commerce platform Paytm has announced Aadhaar eKYC (E-Know Your Customer) to make customer verification process convenient, paperless and real-time. Paytm is one of the 11 entities that got approval for payment banks from the Indian Govt. Other companies that got approval include Reliance Industries, Vodafone and Bharti Airtel. Company/Vendor/Team who have previous experience of Aadhar/NPR/KYC/EKYC/E-Governance Projects are our preference, rest will be given training and they can start the project.

Who is Eligible for KYC?

As per our current process, all Indian citizens, Indian residents and Tax residents of India and of no other country.

KYC Agent Onboarding Guidelines
  • Timely monthly payments for all successful KYCs
  • A thorough training and branding material will be provided by us to the KYC executive
  • The KYC upgrade is free of cost to the Paytm customers
  • Inventory & Consumables
  • A 7 inches Android Tablet. Model can be specified by us,
  • A 5 inches Android Smartphone with OTG/USB host feature
  • A Finger Print Sensor to be purchased.
  • GSM SIM for internet connectivity

KYC verifies the identity of the customers with an intent to eliminate the risk of fraudsters and fake identities. It can also trace the defaulters. Considering the safety of users, KYC is a must in order to have access to the Paytm wallet

Feel free to call and if you have any query then leave your mail id or we will share project details asap.