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Amazon Seller Registration Process

Amazon is a US based e-commerce organization established in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. In terms of revenue and market capitalization it is the largest e-retailer company. When it was founded the website only offered online bookstore facilities. But with time it ventured into different fields like MP3, video/ audio downloading and streaming, e-commerce for apparel, electronics, food, toys, jewelry etc. The list is endless. It has even extended in the area of publishing and film & television production. It offers a wide variety of products and services to its clients internationally and has grown in the process. This grown is executed through various mergers and acquisitions with various high potential organizations including various startups. At the end of the day primarily Amazon is a retail site. It operates on a sale revenue model. For every sale executed through Amazon it charges a specific percentage of it. These charges are for letting the vendors advertise their products on Amazon and includes referral as well as shipping charges.

How it works

Selling products on Amazon is easy and simple. First, you need to list the products which you wish to sell on Amazon marketplace. When a customer makes a purchase, you will get a notification for the same requiring you to ship the product. You can either initiate the delivery of the selected product to the customer and confirm shipment, or let Amazon fulfil the order for you through their logistics arm. Thereafter, Amazon will credit the funds to your bank account after deducting its fees.

Benefits of Amazon Seller Registration
  • Marketing
  • No fixed Charges
  • Shipping
  • Secure Financial Transactions
  • New Geographical Area
  • Customer Support

Understand products and services offered by Amazon Services and be able to explain its functions and benefits to Retailers. Help define the seller base and industry verticals we target for various Amazon seller registration using local knowledge. Own and manage sellers and help them become self-reliant through basic training. As we have discussed, Amazon has the largest market capitalization as an e-retailer company. Thus, if you have any plans to market your products on such e-commerce marketplace then Amazon is the perfect platform to start from. You can go for Amazon seller Registration on the official website of Amazon. Once the registration is completed successfully you can start selling through the e-commerce website. This helps you cater to a much larger geographical market and expand your business without actually setting up a physical shop on that scale. For facilitating this online platform this to the vendors Amazon charges some fees for referrals, shipping etc.

If you would like to register on Amazon as a seller, you can copy the below link and paste it into your browser address bar, and follow the procedure.
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