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Pan Centre

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is one of the most important ID proofs for Indian denizens and stays permanent throughout their lives. The IT department allocates it with an objective to trace transactions that raise suspicion or are made in order to evade taxes. Amiable Value offers its incredible BPO services to accept PAN applications via its wide network of TIN facilitation & PAN centers across the country. It has also introduced a dedicated online facility on its portal to facilitate people in making online PAN applications i.e. Issuance of new TAN or modification in TAN Data. We provide detailed instructions and guidelines to people with regard to filling and filing of Application forms. Our quick dispatch services normally take 12 days for issuance and 20 days in case of modification provided forms are properly filled and submitted.

PAN is used for the following purposes

Identity proof: A PAN card is widely accepted as a valid identification proof. It is a trusted identification document for all financial institutions and other organizations. IT Return filing: All individuals who are eligible to pay income tax should file their IT returns. For filing IT returns, one should have the PAN card. It is a compulsory document for filing IT returns. Opening a bank account: All the co-operative, public and private banks have made it mandatory for an individual to have a permanent account number (PAN) in order to open a savings or a current account.

Benefits of PAN Card
  • Purchase and sale of property
  • To claim income tax refund
  • For Startups
  • Tax deduction
  • For Banker’s cheque and Pay order
  • Restaurant and hotel bills
  • To open a demat account
  • For tax evaluation

The Structure of the 10-digit PAN :
The first five and the 10th character are alphabetic while the rest four are numeric in nature.
The first three out of the first five alphabetic characters range between AAA to ZZZ.
5th to 9th characters range between 0001 and 9999. The last character is the alphabetic check digit.
The fourth character indicates the status of the PAN Cardholder, for example:
“P” stands for Individual
“T” stands for Trust
“C” stands for Company
“G” stands for Government Agency
“H” stands for Hindu Undivided Family
“A” stands for Association of person
“B” stands for Body of Individuals
“J” stands for Artificial Juridical Person
“L” stands for Local Authority
“E” stands for Limited Liability Partnership
“F” stands for Partnership Firm, and so on.
The fifth character represents the PAN holder’s last name or surname in case of individual and for
non-individuals’ first character of PAN holder’s name.