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Multinational Corporation (MNC)

Job Nature : Data Conversion – The Raw Data will be in form of scanned copies, with good resolution (In-house Scanning) and you have to convert it to text according to the specification. Brief Training will be given in our office. Note : Most over, the billing is Depends on your capability because if you finish the data soon whatever you got from them then soon you can ask for next data, so that way how much data you will do that much bill you will able to earn.


Workflow : The Raw Data will be Provide in their FTP site, whatever data is given to you feel that it's your responsibility to finish as soon as possible and that to you will get the next data. you can get the data every day if you finish your task every day.

  • Accuracy Report: Soon you upload in their FTP, you will be getting the Accuracy report and will be issued the next data.
  • Accuracy Level : Most over, they give more importance in Spelling mistakes, so be careful not to make any spelling mistakes. so try to give accuracy then you will glow as a very good vendor and they apprise you by giving certain certificates.
  • Period : As long as you want, because certain vendors are working since 5 years also.

Payment security : This MNC is a US registered company having Head-Quarters in the UK, London and More than 14 Countries it has the Branches.
So, this pays regularly and genuinely as per your work done every month. Our Support : We are introducing you to this MNC and helping you to get the Vendorship, helping you to pass your sample and taking care of your workflow and guiding you everytime. We help you in all intangible ways.

MNC will provide data as per agreement and as it feels reliable that you do it frequently and accurately then it increases the Bulk of data. So you can start with 10 systems at starting and then increase slowly upto 100 systems also.
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