Solar Procurement

Amiable Value BPO is partner with MoserBaer to advancing the entire solar value chain by providing industry-leading solar energy solutions to customers. Smart energy solutions include packaged services throughout the entire solar power plant lifecycle from project development, design and engineering, project financing and investment, system components procurement, balance of system optimization, and project construction management through operations and maintenance.

Solar power is all the rage nowadays and many government agencies and other public sector entities are scrambling to find out how they too can cut energy costs, reduce emissions and contribute to building a more sustainable planet. As stable institutions with a steady revenue stream from taxes, along with the ability to issue generally high-rated bonds to fund utility projects, local municipalities and government agencies occupy a great position to take advantage of solar power procurement projects.

In addition to the large of amount of energy generation needed, municipalities and other public sector entities also have different needs and resources based on their revenue streams. Because of the large demand for energy in a diverse range of geographic locations, several different types of procurement routes have arisen to meet the challenges and needs of this sector.

The relative newness of solar energy technologies and the procurement process by which various agencies and enterprises need to navigate can raise interesting and complex challenges. Through innovative financing mechanisms, supportive government policies and the maturing of the solar industry, municipalities and other public sector entities have plenty of options to choose from for solar power procurement.

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