Amiable Value Data

Amiable Value Data

We provide finest & accurate data, from the real corporate world

Amiable Value BPO, our data reflect the knowledge & experience of seasoned Marketing and business intelligence professionals aimed to :

  • Support our clients’ business processes
  • Saving their time and cost, adding value to their bottom-line
  • Helping them in identifying, targeting & leveraging new opportunities, and managing existing relationships to help them grow stronger consumer/service base.

We start the services before two year ago and having vast name in the field of database/data selling & purchasing in various countries like- USA, UK, India and so one.

Our mission is to be the definitive source and partner of choice for our clients by providing them perceptive, correct and actionable business information/data that helps them take their business to the next level of success. we tend to shall try to provide our clients the foremost comprehensive, easy to integrate solutions fostering long run relationships and nurturing them through honest, innovative and tested processes / frameworks.


Data For Sale/Purchase

Medical Insurance With Data Accuracy 98.01%-100% Accurate 1 L Data 95.01%-98% Accurate 1.5 L Data 93.01%-95% Accurate 1.75 L Data 90.01%-93% Accurate 3 L Data 85.01%-90% Accurate 5 L Data 75.01%-85% Accurate 2 L Data less than 75% Accurate 8 L Data
Telecom Data With Accuracy 96.01%-100% Accurate 1.1 L Data 93.01%-96% Accurate 2 L Data 90.01%-93% Accurate 90 K Data 85.01%-90% Accurate 3.2 L Data 80.01%-85% Accurate 50 K Data 75.01-80% Accurate 1.6 L Data 70.01-75% Accurate 90 K Data 65.01-70% Accurate 20 K Data 50.01-65% Accurate 2.2 L Data less than 50% Accurate 4.5 L Data
Mortgage Data With Accuracy 96.01%-100% Accurate 2 L Data 93.01%-96% Accurate 1.5 L Data 90.01-93% Accurate 1.7 L Data 85.01%-90% Accurate 1.9 L Data 80.01%-85% Accurate 2.5 L Data 75.01%-80% Accurate 1.8 L Data 70.01%-75% Accurate 80 K Data less than 75% Accurate 5 L Data
Active/Working Url’s 100% Cateogerised Data Mixed url’s from all over the world large Url database Accurate Business information database for B2B/B2C services
Active/Working Email-Id’s For Email Marketing 100% working email’s Email for Email Maketing Cateogerised Email on basis of Country/Business